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Opencart 3.x X-shipping PRO 3.x 2019-07-24

модуль доставки

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  1. law
    Версии Движка:
    • 3.х
    1. Category based delivery.
    2. Delivery based product
    3. Product based delivery option
    3. Shop based delivery
    4. Delivery based geofence
    4. Delivery in the city and country
    5. Manufacturer based delivery
    6. Delivery by customer groups
    7. Postal / mailing (comma separated, wildcards, range support)
    8. Coupon based on delivery
    9. Delivery Based Quantity
    10. Delivery based weight
    11. Volume based on delivery
    12. Total based on delivery.
    13. Totally based on shipping.
    14. Final cost may be single / cumulative.
    15. Percentage price allowed
    16. Negative price allowed
    17. Final price can be adjusted by adding value.
    18. Delivery on time
    19. Delivery days of the week
    20. Group delivery is supported (you can set the highest / lowest / average / amount, etc.)
    21. The title of the delivery choice can be changed.
    22. Strong debugging option
    23. Multi-language support
    24. Unlimited delivery methods
    25. Very user friendly admin interface
    26. Dimensional weight based on delivery
    27. Urban delivery * (see Warning below)
    28. Payment method based on shipping * (check warning below)
    29. Extended equation
    30. Free integration support
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