WishlistDiscounts 1.1.1|2.0.1

View Users Wishlist and Send Offers

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  1. feofan
    What is RelatedProductsPro?
    WishlistDiscounts allows you to view your customers items in their wishlists and send personalized discounts. As an admin, you are able to view customer's name, email date when they added the items and a list of everything in their wishlist. After that you are able to send a personalized mail or mass email all of them. The admin can also view sent and used discount codes.


    ✯ Gather customer name, email, date of adding products to Wishlist
    ✯ View each customer's wishlists and send personalized discount
    ✯ Custom/Mass email to all customers with generated wishlists
    ✯ Automatic discount code generator for customers
    ✯ Set discount code expiration
    ✯ View given versus used discounts
    ✯ Clean and crisp implementation
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