Total Import PRO 1.5.х|2.0

Для версий 1.5.х и 2.х

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    Knowledge Base
    Need help getting started? See our Knowledge Baseforum on Total Import PRO for helpful articles.

    Advanced Services
    Have custom fields that need to be imported that are not part of the OpenCart core? Do you have advanced requirements not covered by Total Import PRO? If the answer is yes, our Auto Import service is the perfect solution for you. You are welcome contact us directly through our helpdesk for more details.

    If you're still not sure about which import tool you need, or if your feed works with our tools, please contact us at our helpdesk. Our team will be happy to assist you with your decision.

    • Requires a properly formatted CSV or XML file
    • Not guaranteed to work with modified OpenCart core
    • Only imports Product Options when in a specific format
    This module makes bulk updates to your products - we recommend testing on a non-essential server first.
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