Nulled StorePickup 1.0|2.0x

Pickup Directly From the Store

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  1. feofan
    What is StorePickUp
    StorePickUp creates a separate page, where customers can view all their stores pinned on Google Maps. Customers can also find additional store essential info like telephone, store address, opening hours etc. Upon checkout the module adds another feature which allows customers to pick up their package without any additional fees from the store they choose. For more features please read on:


    ✯ Creates our stores location
    ✯ Adds Store pick up upon checkout
    ✯ Integration between added location and store pick up
    ✯ Seamless Google Maps Integration
    ✯ All the information your customers need in one page
    ✯ Display phone number and store address
    ✯ Preview your store location before listing it
    ✯ Multi-lingual
    ✯ Ideal for web stores with more than one location
    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x
    ✯ Input unlimited amounts of stores
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