Nulled SmartNotifications 2.1.1

Motivate customers to buy

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    What is SmartNotifications?
    SmartNotifications is a Marketing 2.0 plugin that will elevate your sales to new highs. Inspired by market giants such as and the module pushes a notification that creates scarcity for your store merchandize, which leads to an impulsive purchase.


    "Hurry up there are 280 people looking at this product", "Last purchase was made 15 minutes ago", "540 people booked this hotel in the last hour" Your customers will never be this happy they spent their money with you.


    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x and OpenCart
    ✯ Create unlimited notifications
    ✯ Show on All pages, specific page, category or the homepage
    ✯ Exclude specific page
    ✯ Position anywhere on the page
    ✯ Show on Window Load, Body Click or Page Click
    ✯ Show Once, Every X days or Always
    ✯ Set The hours you want the notification to show
    ✯ Show notification X time after a user enters your store/page etc.
    ✯ Set how long you want the notification to stay visible.
    ✯ Choose among many display templates
    ✯ Awesome FontAwesome integration
    ✯ Set open animation and close animation
    ✯ Set a random value for the metrics
    ✯ Multistore
    ✯ Multilingual
    ✯ Set Title and Description
    ✯ Enable/Disable Notifications
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