Nulled SignUpCoupons 2015-05-25

Send emails with coupons upon signup

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  1. feofan
    What is SignUpCoupons?
    SignUpCoupons is is a very lucrative way to increase customer base by providing a discount coupon upon registration. The module also features customizable above the banner sign that will definitely drag your web store visitors attention. SignUpCoupons comes with a set of really cool options so please read on...


    ✯ Set percentage or fixed amount of discount
    ✯ Set a minimum amount of money your customers have to spend before using the coupon
    ✯ Set coupon validity
    ✯ Apply the coupons only on selected products/categories
    ✯ Customizable email subject
    ✯ Customizable email content upon registration
    ✯ Multilingual store above the banner ad
    ✯ Multistore
    ✯ Custom design including Font Color, Border Color and Background Color
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