Nulled SD Premium DB Indexes - boost database performance up to 50x 1.1

This plugins sole purpose is increasing OpenCarts database performance and efficiency

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    What are database indexes, and why do I need them?

    When you want to find information in a book, fastest way is to find word or phrase in the back-of-the-book index. After you find it, you know on what page (or pages) is information you need. Alternative is to browse all pages and that takes time. Database indexes are used in a similar fashion, they provide information where requested information is located.

    How it's made

    Opencart makes lot of different DB queries. Before designing indexes, we detect and analyze slow performing queries. Each index is created for specific query and benchmarked, to ensure that it makes sense. If applicable, we will create indexes that speedup table joins, query filters and aggregate functions at the same time.

    Is this extension for me?
    This extension will speed up both user and admin area (see documentation). If you are using full page cache, user experience will remain same, but cache regeneration will be faster. It is best suited for shops that have many products/categories/orders. For additional speedup we recommend using "DBCache Unleashed" with this extension.

    Find out more about our plugin here on official plugin page.

    Please be sure to check side-by-side performance comparison between shops with our optimization extension and without it. Both OpenCart instances are of absolutely same configuration handling identical amount of categories and articles or for your convenience, please follow the link to optimized and unoptimized versions to see for yourself.
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