Nulled SD DB Cache Unleashed 1.1

DB Cache Unleashed utilizes mysql cache that will automatically invalidate stale data

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    What is cache?

    Let's say that we have a very complex function that is used in our computing program very frequently. One way of speeding up our computing system as a whole is to save result from our complex function, and use it instead of calculating it every time. Subsystem responsible for storing and accessing our result is called cache.

    Writing a good cache is a very complex task, and biggest problem that needs to be solved is data invalidation. As data changes, result from our function could also change. And if result changes, we want to delete previous result from cache and recalculate it.

    Luckily, good people that made mysql server incorporated a good cache system in it and we have to make a good use of it.

    DB Cache Unleashed

    This extension improves "compatibility" with mysql cache, effectively enabling mysql to automatically cache more OC database queries.


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