Opencart 3.x Recover Abandoned Cart 2021-05-18

Use Abandoned Cart to improve customer experience.

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  1. virgilio183
    Did you know that 75% of cart abandonment visitors intend to return to buy, but only 10-30% actually come return and complete their purchase. Abandoned is a term in eCommerce when a visitor on your website are comes for shopping, add items into cart, but leave the shopping at middle, it process is called cart abandonment. Store is never know why, when visitors/customers abandoned their cart, to solve this problem Abandoned Cart extension comes. Abandoned Cart extension allow you (Store Owner) to review which customers have abandoned checkouts, send them reminder emails, lure with special discount coupons new offers. Emails can be manual or automatic. Every customer/visitor is valuable delivering best shopping experience is way to turn visiting site into profit making site. By sending reminder emails help to engaging with your customers and convincing them to buy. Use Abandoned Cart to improve customer experience.

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