Nulled ProductBundles 2.5.1|3.3.1

Create Amazon style discount bundles

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  1. feofan
    What is ProductBundles?
    ProductBundles is a MUST for anybody who loves cross-selling. Made popular by Amazon, there isn't anyone who will be able to resist your offer for bundle buy of products. Everyone has done it. You go to buy a book and you end up with 5 books and a DVD. The module will allow you to select products and pack them with a bundle. The bundles display once you one open a product page. Customers are able to instantly see the bundle and the savings that the special price will bring them. Fastest way to making more sales.


    ✯ Added sort order option for the link in the main menu.
    ✯ Added multi-lingual SEO URLs.
    ✯ Added multi-lingual fields for Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.
    ✯ Now the customers can add more that one bundle in the cart.
    ✯ Bundles can be managed from the product edit page
    ✯ Link to the module in the main menu.
    ✯ Create custom bundles for all your products
    ✯ Hand pick products and set discounts
    ✯ Display bundles on product page
    ✯ Customize widget preference
    ✯ Set bundle text
    ✯ A given bundle can be displayed on any product or category
    ✯ If there is more than one bundle for a single page, they will be displayed in a random way
    ✯ The module can be displayed on all layouts
    ✯ Redesigned administration panel
    ✯ (EXPERIMENTAL) ProductBundles can display existing bundles randomly on the layouts where the module is enabled. This feature will be applied only on the pages with no associated bundles.
    ✯ Set product picture width and height
    ✯ Custom positions
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