Product Image Module 1.3.4

Модуль картинки продуктов для whmcs

  1. Product Image Module

    Q: Do the images have to be a certain size?

    A: Technically, no. However, through testing we have found that images with a height of 75px seem to work well with the modern theme we used for testing. We recommend that you test with your current theme to find the sizing that works the best. The Product Image module will automatically compress uploaded images to a desired size, if specified.

    Q: What file types can I upload?

    A: The module will automatically accept .jpg, .png, .gif, and .bmp file types. The image uploaded will automatically be converted and stored as a .png file.

    Q: What pages can I display my product images on?

    A: You can display product images for any product or service, on almost any page within the client area and order form templates.
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