PriceAlert 1.0|2.1.1

Allow Customers to Keep an Eye on Product Price

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  1. feofan
    What is PriceAlert?
    Is there a product that you are interested in? But not on this price of course. Inspired by Amazon Price Tracker,PriceAlert from iSenseLabs helps your customers keep an eye of desired products and get notified when the price drops. The admin makes more sales - the customer is happy that they got a deal, it is a win-win.


    ✯ Alert customers on (Lower Price, Higher Price, Change of Price)
    ✯ Watch List - Keep track of customers who have "subscribed" to follow a certain product. You Get:
    - Customer Name
    - Customer Email
    - Product
    - Date subscribed
    ✯ Customizable text in both emails and pop up thanks to a powerful RTE implementation
    ✯ Archive price watchers
    ✯ Product performance statistics
    ✯ Set Pop-up width
    ✯ Multi-store support
    ✯ Multilingual Pop up and Email
    ✯ Global Switch On/Off
    ✯ Enable PriceAlert on certain pages
    ✯ Clean and crisp implementation - no core files overwritten
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