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Increase the amount of every sale

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  1. feofan
    The numbers behind PopupUpsell
    Research shows that 30% of your store visitors are prone to adding a last minute impulse item to their cart if they are presented with a relevant product that compliments their purchase.

    What is PopupUpsell?

    PopupUpsell gives you the advantage to upsell your customers additional products based on the product(s) they have in their cart. To give you a few such examples include more expensive items, upgrades or other goodies, which at the end of the day increases the cart total for your customer. You can utilize the full potential of the extension by creating different unique selling propositions for every product. In one study, after installing PopupUpsell store owners are reporting increase in sales of up to 22%. So, are you ready to increase your store sales? Read on the features below.


    ✯ Add unlimited amount of popups
    ✯ Associate offers with multiple products
    ✯ Enable the pop up for whole category
    ✯ Multi-lingual
    ✯ Multi-store
    ✯ Rich Text Editor that allows for an easy popup customization
    ✯ Customizable configure pop-up width and height
    ✯ Clean and crisp code, no files overridden
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