Nulled PersistentCart 1.3.2|2.3.1

Keep customers shopping carts forever

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  1. feofan
    What is PersistentCart?
    PersistentCart keeps the items that your customers have added to their cart forever. Here is a sample on how it works. Lets say your potential customer Alan wants to buy your cool merchandise. He logs in from his store laptop and adds a couple of items to cart. He has an emergency call and closes his browser. The next day he is ready to purchase so he comes back to your store but finds out that his items are not in his cart any more. Agitated he leaves your store and you loose a customer. Persistent cart solves this problem

    For optimal effect we recommend using PersistentCart with our extension AbandonedCarts


    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x
    ✯ Choose how long you want to keep data customers data for
    ✯ Choose how to save data (Cookies/Files or Cookies and Files)
    ✯ Choose validity of the cookie
    ✯ Clean and crisp implementation no core files overwritten
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