Nulled OrderReviews 1.6|2.3

Email Clients to Rate and Review Products

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  1. feofan
    What is OrderReviews?
    OrderReviews is a trusted way to provide an impeccable after sale service. Right after a customer has purchased a product from your store you can request a product review and add a hook - discount. This will help add to store buzz factor, get you more reviews, increase your conversion and returning customers.


    ✯ Apply discount coupon on successful product rate
    ✯ Various discount options (no discount/fixed amount or percentage)
    ✯ Set discount validity
    ✯ Review type - Per Purchase / Per Product
    ✯ Receive notification email when the cron is executed
    ✯ Added checks to the form so now the customers can review the products in a order only once.
    ✯ Send review mails to specific customer group.
    ✯ You can now add the first & last names of the customer in the mail subject.
    ✯ Change the way the orders are selected - by date added or by date modified.
    ✯ Change the date format for the date in the discount mail/message.
    ✯ Multistore
    ✯ Send email in any language - Full Multilingual email integration (Subject + Text)
    ✯ Personalized email - Your customer will understand when they are special. Feature their name in the email to make things more personal
    ✯ One button Enable/Disable the module
    ✯ Choose an order status on which you want to trigger email send
    ✯ Generate different emails on different order statuses
    ✯ Automated everything via cronjob
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