Nulled NotifyWhenAvailable 1.6|2.2.2

Notify when a product is back in stock

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  1. feofan
    What is NotifyWhenAvailable?

    NotifyWhenAvailable notifies interested customers when the product that is currently out of stock is going to be available again. The module makes it easy for you to keep customers up to date for the products that they want to purchase but are out of stock. Also this is a great tool for pre-sale of products.


    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x
    ✯ A separate lists for waiting customers
    ✯ Archive list available
    ✯ Customize out-of-stock pop-up and back-in-stock notifications
    ✯ Waiting/Archived list easy moderation
    ✯ Display NotifyWhenAvailable on any page
    ✯ Beautiful back-end administration
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