Free Multiple Clinic App - Appointment Booking for Doctor 1.3

Doct Appo is Multiple Clinic Appointment Booking for doctor app.

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  1. Deefacto
    Doct Appo is Multiple Clinic Appointment Booking for doctor app. This app have simple feature of appointment booking for clinics for particular doctor. This app list number of clinics around city user will display nearby list of clinics also he can search. All clinics are classified by categories of services. We provide details of clinics like about clinic, doctor details, photos etc. User can left comment for particular clinic and give ratings.

    Simple booking system we have provided. User simply can choose services provided by clinic, Choose doctor and check availability of that doctor on chosen date. If doctor available then choose available time and book appointment.

    Our motto is to make easy process for making appointment to doctor on easy way.

    Feature of user App :
    • 1. Easy Login and Register
    • 2. Choose Clinic by Categories.
    • 3. Search clinic by nearby , keywords and city
    • 4. List of clinics
    • 5. Detailed information of clinics, like about, doctors information, photos etc…
    • 6. List of clinic services with prices.
    • 7. Reviews and ratings for clinic
    • 8. Book appointment for clinic simple process.. 1. choose services 2. choose doctor 3. choose time available 4. patient details and book appointment.
    • 9. User menu – Update Profile – Manage Appointment
    • 10 – Paypal Payment accept


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