mp3 Audio Player 1.3.0|1.2.1|2.0.3

Add mp3 audio samples to your audio related products and allow your customers to play them on differ

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  1. feofan
    Uses the audio.js library with HTML5 support for better compatibility with modern browsers and tablets and a fallback support to flash if the browser does not support the audio tag or mp3 files playback.
    No core files are changed or replaced (VQMOD).

    AudioPlayer is now fully supported on Open Cart 2.0.

    Browser support

    Mobile Safari (iOS 3+)
    Android (2.2+, w/Flash)
    Safari (4+)
    Chrome (7+)
    Firefox (3+, w/ Flash)
    Opera (10+, w/ Flash)
    IE (6, 7, 8, w/ Flash, 9+)

    File Format Support

    Audio Player and audio.js focuses on playing mp3s.
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