Nulled LabelMaker 2.3|1.9.2

Professional Product Image Labeler

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  1. feofan
    What is LabelMaker

    LabelMaker allows you to add highly configurable labels/stickers/corner images to your products. For the first time in OpenCart you can add, rotate, edit and move stickers/labels to any product without using any third party software. Labels can be displayed in the catalog, search, home page and product view. You are able to upload a label or select a premade ones. You can also stack labels and position them with sharpshooter accuracy. You can apply labels to thumbnail images, product + thumbnail. Please read the full features list next.


    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x
    ✯ Live label rotation, stacking, move and resize straight from the admin panel - no third party software needed!
    ✯ Apply labels to Products in specific category, specific products, product types or match special conditions
    ✯ Choose whether to apply the label to additional images
    ✯ Apply label to thumbnails
    ✯ Apply label to Bestsellers, Specials, Featured, Latest
    ✯ Apply label if quantity is more than/less than/equal to
    ✯ Apply label if price is more than/less than/equal to
    ✯ Add label text, font color, font size
    ✯ Full GoogleFonts integration
    ✯ One click Generate label from text
    ✯ Upload images or use predefined ones
    ✯ Use built in images
    ✯ Upload images to only specific product sizes
    ✯ Choose label opacity
    ✯ Offset label
    ✯ Live label position
    ✯ Admin tooltips included
    ✯ Comprehensive module documentation
    ✯ Multistore compatible
    ✯ Video guide
    ✯ Clean and crisp implementation, no core files overwritten
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  1. jOhnLeeBlaDe
    Версия: 2.3|1.9.2
    Good module :)