Item / Product Warranty 2017-03-22

Item / Product Warranty

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    Add Item / Product Warranty to your items / products, so your customers can know what warranty those items / products have. You can choose from 20+ pre-defined warranties, or you can add your own. Here's the list of the pre- defined warranties included in the module:

    1 Year Warranty
    2 Year Warranty
    3 Year Warranty
    4 Year Warranty
    5 Year Warranty
    6 Year Warranty
    7 Year Warranty
    8 Year Warranty
    9 Year Warranty
    10 Year Warranty
    1 Year Limited Warranty
    2 Year Limited Warranty
    3 Year Limited Warranty
    1 Year Collect and Return
    2 Year Collect and Return
    3 Year Collect and Return
    30 Day Warranty
    30 Limited Warranty
    the Extended Warranty Information
    the Lifetime Warranty Information
    of N / A

    You CAN the Remove / Edit Have the any of the the pre-defined warranties, and you CAN Add as many new warranties as you want .

    You can also choose the default warranty for all the new products that you'll add, so you will not need to re-choose the warranty all over again every time when you'll add a new product.

    The module can be used with as many languages as you're using on your site, it's multi-store ready, and it's SEO friendly.

    Just see the pictures, and you'll get the idea.

    Installation is as simple as it can be . No files are overwritten, no trouble at all.

    If you need any help, free installation is on its way. Just contact me by leaving a comment, or via forum's PM (GoGo OpenCart).