Nulled iSearch 4.1.1|3.4.2

Instant, Responsive, Auto-Complete, Suggestion Search

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  1. feofan
    What is iSearch

    Pamper your web store visitors, with lightning fast instant suggestion results. No matter if they have misspelled a product the Autocorrect and Autosuggest features will help them find the product in no time.

    Why Customers Love it

    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x
    ✯ Maximizes user's search experience
    ✯ Results as you type: Instant results
    ✯ Save time: Reduces the time needed to go from a blank search box to results
    ✯ Search smarter: Minimizes the risk of a misspelled word
    ✯ Type less: Lowers the effort & outputs faster search queries


    ✯ Tested with 50 000+ products (for bigger databases see iSearch Corporate tested with 6 000 000+ products - )
    ✯ Works perfectly with any OpenCart Theme
    ✯ Search by 20 different criteria
    ✯ Multi-lingual Support
    ✯ Responsive Design
    ✯ Autosuggest
    ✯ Autocorrect
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    fortoonas и iiiigor нравится это.