Nulled iCustomFooter 3.2.3|2.0.6

Exclusive Powerful Custom Footer

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  1. feofan
    What is iCustomFooter

    iCustomFooter iCustomFooter is a supercharged custom footer for OpenCart. SPAM fortified, Responsive, MultiStore, MultiLingual Support are just among the vast array of functionality that iCustomFooter offers. 12 handy columns, from which 5 custom columns. Social columns, Drop a line CAPTCHA protected column, Richeditor powered description columns. Newsletter ready column. Add/Remove Custom Payment Icons. Add/Remove powered by OpenCart. Works on 100% of the OpenCart Themes. No VQMod required, No coding experience required, ZERO installation hustle, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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    Why customers love it

    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x
    ✯ Custom footer looking sleek with any color scheme
    ✯ VQMod compatible
    ✯ Responsive design support
    ✯ You can easily edit the column width
    ✯ You can easily choose column display preference
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