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OpenCart Analytics. Reinvented

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    What is iAnalytics

    iAnalytics is a brand new and reinvented Analytics system for OpenCart. It allows you to view conversion rate, most added to cart products, wishlist products, customer actions, unique visitrs, impression, most visitors by part of the day most searched words. It sends e-commerce data go Google Analytics. For full list of all features please read more and view the demo...

    Read about the advantages of iAnalytics for OpenCart Five iAnalytics Metrics Every OpenCart Business Should Monitor


    ★ A brand new corporate experience redesigned Dashboard
    ★ Link to iAnalytics in the main OpenCart menu
    ★ Option to enable/disable iAnalytics statistics in the main OpenCart dashboard
    ★ Collecting data about the most added to cart products
    ★ Collecting data about the most added to wishlist products
    ★ Collecting data about the customer actions
    ★ Collecting data about the unique visits, page impressions and referrers
    ★ Report & charts for the most visitors by part of the day
    ★ Most viewed/searched
    ★ Sending e-commerce data to Google Analytics
    ★ Report & charts for the most ordered products
    ★ Report & charts for the customers with orders
    ★ Report & charts for sales
    ★ Conversion rate data
    ★ Display the conversion rate in funnel chart
    ★ All reports can be filtered by date
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