Grab-IT AliExpress 2.02

Grab-IT AliExpress (Import products from AliExpress)

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  1. feofan
    Grab-IT AliExpress

    This is a new OpenCart extension which allows you to import products from all AliExpress sites.
    Get all 15 AliExpress languages with one main link.
    You can use it if you insert new products or edit existing products.
    Before you import the product you can choose what you need and can set it to any language.
    That makes it possible to build a product from different sites, not only from one site.
    The new Save-Stay button at the Insert page helps you to create new products in a row, without loosing the default settings.
    The new Insert button at the Edit page helps you to create new products with the settings of an existing product.
    Later upcomming extensions for other sites can be easily integrated with plug and play.

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