Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking PRO (OC 2.x) 3.1

Модуль добавляет отслеживание электронной торговли Google Analytics в OpenCart 2.x.

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  1. Аркадий

    The module adds Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.
    Collect and analyze purchase and transaction data. Use ecommerce tracking to find out what users buy through your site!

    No changes on Google Analytics Code that you've already have in OpenCart admin settings. Just enable the module.
    vQmod coded, no core files changed!

    If you don't have Google Analytics Code in admin settings, you have to enter it in admin control panel -> System -> Settings -> Edit -> tab Server -> Google Analytics Code. Also you have to set up ecommerce tracking in your google profile - Set up Ecommerce Tracking - Analytics Help


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