Nulled GiftTeaser 1.3.2|2.1.2

Get a free gift upon purchase

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  1. feofan
    What is GiftTeaser?

    There are hundreds of thousands articles written on the power of FREE and how marketers utilize it. Spend hundreds more just so you can get a free gift or a pair of headphones. GiftTeaser is a great tool to boost sales by offering free gifts under different set of conditions. GiftTeaser is a proven marketing tactics to utilize huge/small leftover stock or bundle an expensive product with a cheap products for a greater customer conversion.


    ✯ Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x
    ✯ Schedule Gifts campaign for certain date
    ✯ Create unlimited amount of free gifts
    ✯ Set free gifts on:
    1) Total purchase bigger than
    2) Customers who bought the following products
    3) Customers have bought some of these products
    4) Customers who bought products from the following category
    ✯ Set custom free gift text
    ✯ Choose default or custom widget design
    ✯ Select gift image size
    ✯ Multi-store and Multi-lingual support
    ✯ Position GiftTeaser widget on any page
    ✯ Customize GiftTeaser store front widget
    ✯ Wrap gifts in a widget
    ✯ Clean and crisp design, no core files overwritten
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