Nulled GengoTranslate 2.0

Gengo Full Integration for OpenCart

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  1. feofan
    Gengo OpenCart integration is the simple way to get professional webstore translation into more than 30 languages. Translate general, marketing, ecommerce texts in high volume. Customers order straight from their plugin and get a finished translation in hours.


    ✯ Gengo Approved extension
    ✯ Translate your site on 30 languages
    ✯ Full Gengo Integration
    ✯ Translate Categories/Products and/or Information Pages
    ✯ QuickTranslate/Approve all translations
    ✯ 3 Translation modes: Machine, Standard and Pro
    ✯ Add comments with every translation
    ✯ Easy translate files/directory/language file
    ✯ MultiStore
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