Complete SEO Package v.3.3

Complete SEO Package - unique features, redirection and cache! For OC1 and OC2

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  1. Faceless
    The powerfull SEO module for opencart!
    Now compatible with opencart 2.0 !

    Exclusive feature: Dynamic redirections![/b
    Save your current url set linked to opencart products, categories, etc. then if you change the url it will not give a broken link in google, it will automatically be redirected to the actual url and informed that this one is the good one.

    - Features -
    • new: Redirection manager: say to google what is the new urls
      [*]new: Rich snippets: microdata, opengraph, twitter card, works on all themes
      [*]new: URL caching: speeds up your site page loading up to 60% on large websites!
      [*]new: Hreflang
      [*]Powerful Inline editor: products, categories, information, manufacturer, images, ...
      [*]exclusive feature: rewrite any url of custom modules, even if it is not made to handle url rewriting!
      [*]Full product path for any link on your website
      [*]Mass update
      [*]Multistore and multilanguages Title, H1, meta description and meta keywords
      [*]Absolute path for category (allow duplicate)
      [*]Friendly customizable url (for contact, account, cart)
      [*]Custom titles for products/categories/informations
      [*]Meta keywords and description for information pages
      [*]Multilingual support for all keywords
      [*]Multilingual support for friendly urls
      [*]Optionnal language tag management in url (/fr /en)
      [*]Optional url extension of your choice (.html)
      [*]Multiple SEO keywords filters
      [*]Auto-fill keywords on insert or update
      [*]Auto-fill titles on insert or update
      [*]Ascii translation of accentuated chars
      [*]Smart redirect on language change
      [*]Cron jobs
      [*]And more...

    All settings can be managed via the admin, all is optional ! The module is made to have a low footprint and work well with other modules.


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