Advanced Product Slider 2x - 3x 2018-09-14

Advanced Product Slider 2x - 3x

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  1. alper
    Версии Движка:
    • 2.х
    • 3.х
    + Create multiple Sliders with multiple Slides

    + 3 Slide Types available (product slide, custom build slide and image slide)

    + In Product Slide all the product data is customizeable

    + The slideshows are responsive

    + Special coutdown feature for product slides that have special prices

    + Multiple Slide Theme allready shipped with the module and you can create more with a friendly admin interface

    + Add the slideshows to any layout in the store

    + Completly multilanguage

    + Easy Installation (with quickstart -> it creates a demo slider for you to test)

    + Well documentated + Admin OnScreen tour trough the features of the extension
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