[AD] Credits: Shop - Purchasable products! Create your own! 1.0.5

Buy products with the AD Credits system

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  1. feofan
    This add-on is built to work with the AD Credits add-on. It will allow you to purchase products with credits. This of course being built for the AD Credits add-on integrates with PayPal and supports multiple currencies and everything else the core supports. This includes:

    • Custom products
    • Buy into a usergroup
    • Custom user title
    • Username change
    • Any permission such as bypass flood control or signature limits
    • Email type to email you when its been purchased - great for services or complex products
    • An "Inventory" System
    • Maximum quantity of items in shop
    • Maximum of an item a single user can purchase
    • And much more
    We highly value feedback as this is a new system and we want to make sure it suits your needs the best we possible can. Bugs and features will be fixed and/or seriously considered every time.

    You will be directed to a private message with the Audentio Design company. Someone will take your email, send you payment information, and then upon confirmation email you the product.

    Thank you for considering this add-on, if you have any questions please do not hesitate!


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