Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro 1.4.1

Abandoned Cart Reminder PRO помогает вернуть потерянные продажи.

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    Часто клиенты добавляют товар в корзину и не завершают процесс покупки.

    Abandoned Cart Reminder PRO помогает вернуть эти потерянные продажи.

    Вы можете даже поощрять своих покупателей за то, что они вернулись закончить покупку.

    Frequently, customers add products to their carts and do not complete the purchase process.

    They may of been distracted by real-life, decided they want to comparison shop, became confused by the check-out process, or simply want to wait a while.

    Abandoned Cart Reminder PRO helps recapture these lost sales.

    You can even encourage them to purchase by including a coupon (auto generated) in the reminder!


    • define coupon settings
    • custom email message
    • abandoned cart list (realtime view customer with abandoned cart / preview reminder before sending / view cart content)
    • history list (view detail about coupon sent/ if was used in new order / how look email received by customer)

    Версия: 1.4.1

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